Scottish Student Sport

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Scottish Student Sport
Scottish Student Sport logo.jpg
Sport University and college sport
Jurisdiction Scotland
Abbreviation SSS
Founded 2005 (2005)[1]
Location 1st Floor
48 Pleasance
United Kingdom
Other key staff Stew Fowlie
  • Scottish Universities Sports Federation (SUSF)
  • Scottish Universities Physical Education Association (SUPEA)
Official website

Scottish Student Sport (SSS) formed in June 2005 as Scottish Universities Sport is the professional body for delivery and furthering of sports at university and college level.

The body was founded in 2005 following the merger of Scottish Universities Sports Federation and Scottish Universities Physical Education Association.[1] SSS represent the Sports Unions and Sport and Exercise Departments of Scottish universities and colleges.[2] Scottish Universities Sport was renamed to Scottish Student Sport in June 2011 following the admission of colleges as full members.


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