Scottish Sub Aqua Club

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Scottish Sub-Aqua Club
Abbreviation SSAC
Formation 1953 (1953)
Type NGO
Legal status Company limited by guarantee[1]
Purpose Diver training, services and advocacy.
National governing body
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ, Scotland.
Region served
Scotland, Northern England[2]
1250 members, 70 branches (2011)
Ian Graham[1]
Main organ
Board of Directors[1]

The Scottish Sub Aqua Club (SSAC) was founded in Glasgow in 1953. Today it is a company limited by guarantee with nearly 70 branches and 1900 members. SSAC instructors provide scuba diving training to branch members on an amateur basis. It is recognised by Sportscotland as the National Governing Body for Sub Aqua in Scotland.[3]

SSAC has developed a comprehensive training schedule to prepare members to carry out recreational diving safely in the sea around Scotland. The qualifications awarded by SSAC are recognised worldwide.


SSAC offers training courses for snorkel, diver and instructor qualifications.

Snorkel Qualifications[edit]

  • Junior Snorkel Diver
  • Advanced Snorkel
  • Snorkel Diver

Diver Qualifications[edit]

  • Branch Diver - Depth Limit 15m, unless accompanied by a Master Diver Instructor (New qualification from 2014)
  • Sports Diver - Depth limit 30m, unless accompanied by a Master Diver Instructor.
  • Master Diver - Depth limit 40m, unless additional Deep Diver qualifications have been obtained or with the permission of the SSAC Regional Coach.
  • First Class Diver

Instructor Qualifications[edit]

  • Branch Instructor - BIs instruct in their own branch.
  • Regional Instructor
  • Examiner

Specialist Qualifications[edit]


The archives of Scottish Sub Aqua Club are maintained by the Archives of the University of Glasgow (GUAS).

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