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This is a list of placenames in Scotland that have been applied to parts of Canada by Scottish emigrants or explorers.

For Nova Scotian names in Scottish Gaelic (not necessarily the same as the English versions) see Canadian communities with Scottish Gaelic speakers and Scottish Gaelic placenames in Canada

Note that, unless otherwise stated, province names are not Scottish.

Banff, Alberta


Calgary, Alberta
The three peaks of Three Sisters Mountain at Canmore, Alberta
Michelsen Farmstead a Provincial Historic Site of Alberta, located in the National Historic Site, Stirling Agricultural Village

British Columbia[edit]

Abbotsford, BC


Rural municipalities -

New Brunswick[edit]

Glenlevit Glencoe Dundee

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Campbellton, Newfoundland and Labrador

Nova Scotia[edit]

A satellite photo of Nova Scotia.
Tartan of Nova Scotia

"Nova Scotia" is the Latin for New Scotland

Northwest Territories[edit]

The Northwest Territories also contain three places with Scottish surnames: Fort Simpson, Fort McPherson and Rae (Although now collectively known with Edzo as Behchoko).


Clyde River, Nunavut


West Elgin Arena
The Grand River Bridge, which carries Argyle St. over the Grand River in Caledonia, Ontario
The Walker House, oldest house in Kincardine, Ontario
The McDougall Mill Museum by the Bonnechere River, Renfrew Ontario

Prince Edward Island[edit]

The Prince Edward Island Preserve Company in New Glasgow
Panorama of a river bank in New Glasgow.



The town of Coronach was originally named after a horse; however, the original meaning of coronach is a Gaelic lament.


Mackenzie Mountains

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