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Scottish Renewables is the representative body of the Scottish renewable energy industry. Since 1996, it has aimed to present a united voice to decision makers who make energy policy. Scottish Renewables represents over 300 members and member organisations are wide ranging across all technologies and supply chains. Scottish Renewables has developed 14 focus areas to fully represent the renewable energy industry. These include: offshore wind power, onshore wind power, bioenergy, heat, hydro, marine energy, and microgeneration.[1]

Johanna Yates, offshore policy manager for Scottish Renewables, has said Scotland is the natural home to offshore renewable energy, with abundant natural resources and long heritage of maritime industry – principally oil and gas and fisheries. Scotland’s potential is well known and in recent months there has been investment from significant international players, such as Doosan, Mitsubishi and Gamesa, all vying to establish their wind turbines in Scottish waters. Future employment for offshore wind projects is promising, with up to 28,000 direct jobs being created by 2020, leading to an economic input of £7 billion.[2]

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