Scottsburg, Oregon

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Sign in historic Scottsburg

Scottsburg is an unincorporated community in Douglas County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is located on the Umpqua River and Oregon Route 38, and is about 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It was once a growing town but after a large flood in December 1861 the town declined.[2] Scottsburg was named for pioneer Levi Scott. The city is located at what was the headwaters of navigation on the Umpqua River, some 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean. For a short time in the 1850s and 60s, it was a seaport servicing the interior of Southern Oregon.

Scottsburg was a transfer point for a stage line that ran from Drain, Oregon to Scottsburg. Once at Scottsburg, travelers boarded a steamboat and travelled down river to Gardiner, Oregon.

Notable people[edit]

  • Janet J. McCoy, High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands


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