Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club

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Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club
Comedy spot logo small.png
General information
Address 7000, 117 East 3rd Ave
Town or city Scottsdale, Arizona
Country United States
Coordinates 33°29′46″N 111°55′39″W / 33.496207°N 111.927463°W / 33.496207; -111.927463Coordinates: 33°29′46″N 111°55′39″W / 33.496207°N 111.927463°W / 33.496207; -111.927463
Opened June 2002 (2002-06)
Renovated 2002
Owner Sean Dillin
Awards and prizes Best of Phoenix, Best of the Valley
Other information
Seating capacity 100
Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club
Comedy spot front door.jpg
Comedy spot marquee.jpg

The Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club is the only comedy club in Scottsdale, Arizona, at 7117 East 3rd Ave in the heart of downtown Scottsdale and the longest running comedy club in Phoenix, Arizona.


The Comedy Spot was opened in June 2002 by actor/comedian Sean Dillin. The building was formerly the home of a jazz club, adjoined to the building formerly known as The Cajun House, now The Venue Scottsdale.

When the venue opened as The Comedy Spot in 2002, it was initially a 50-seat jazz club. Sean Dillin immediately renovated and expanded the club to a seating capacity of 100 dedicated full-time to stand-up comedy. The Comedy Spot offers a host of variety shows including: Gay Comedy Night,[1] Latino Comedy Night, Black Comedy Night and more. The club also has on-going open-mic nights, stand-up comedy classes,[2] improv comedy classes and more.

On April 6–8 of 2013 The Comedy Spot became the first comedy club in Arizona to sponsor a float in the Phoenix Gay Pride parade.[3]

In 2014, The Scottsdale Comedy Spot Comedy Club signed and exclusive partnership with Rooftop Comedy; the namesake for the Aspen RooftopComedy Festival.

Notable performers[edit]

Comedians who have performed in the club include:

See also[edit]

Beginning in 2002, The Comedy Spot has served as the host for nationally renowned and touring comedians that have appeared on:


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