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The Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) is a school district with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.[1] The 112-square-mile (290 km2) district serves most of Scottsdale, most of Paradise Valley, a portion of Phoenix, and a portion of Tempe.[2]

Its 22 schools earning the state's highest rating, Excelling. All SUSD schools are rated as Performing, Performing Plus, Highly Performing or Excelling by the Arizona Department of Education. In 2011, SUSD was "moving toward making Algebra I available to all eighth-graders".[3]


The Scottsdale Unified School District was founded in 1896 by Major Winfield Scott, also the founder of the city of Scottsdale. The first classes were taught by Alza Blount, who, for health reasons, moved to Arizona from Illinois with her husband George and their three children. Classes were held in their adobe home, which was just south of what is now Civic Center Plaza and Second Street. Alza Blount was paid $40 a month to teach the 8-10 students from the seven families who resided in Scottsdale at that time.

The district's first bond election was held May 1, 1909,[4] with all 13 citizens voting "yes". The amount of the bond, $5,000, was used to build the district's first school, now known as the "Little Red Schoolhouse." This building, also known at the time as Coronado School, is a historic site on Scottsdale Mall and now the home of the Scottsdale Historical Society.

Today, the district covers 112 square miles (290 km2), including some areas not part of the City of Scottsdale itself; specifically, the district includes most of the town of Paradise Valley and parts of Tempe and Phoenix in addition to most of Scottsdale. The district has about 27,000 students and approximately 1,800 certified and 1,000 classified employees; five comprehensive high schools, six middle schools, three K-8 schools, sixteen elementary schools, and one alternative school.[5]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Anasazi Elementary School
  • Cherokee Elementary School
  • Cheyenne Traditional School (previously located at Via Linda and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, moved to prior site of Aztec Elementary School, and was renamed to Redfield in 2009)
  • Cochise Elementary School
  • Copper Ridge K-8 School
  • Desert Canyon Elementary School
  • Hohokam Elementary School
  • Hopi Elementary School
  • Kiva Elementary School
  • Laguna Elementary School
  • Navajo Elementary School-S.T.E.M
  • Pima Elementary School
  • Pueblo Elementary School - Foreign Language Immersion, Spanish
  • Redfield Elementary School (formerly Zuni elementary school until approx 2013)
  • Sequoya Elementary School
  • Tavan Elementary School
  • Yavapai Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

K-8 and middle schools in Scottsdale USD
School Arcadia Neighborhood Learning Center Cheyenne Traditional Cocopah MS Copper Ridge Desert Canyon MS Ingleside MS Mohave MS Mountainside MS Tonalea K-8
Location Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Phoenix Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale
Grade range K-8 K-8 6-8 K-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 K-8
Year opened 1990 1997 1965 2001 1996 1956 1962 1991 1959[notes 1]
School colors Purple, teal, black Dark navy, gold Blue, gold Black, teal, copper Blue, silver Blue, white Black, white Black, red Red, Black
School mascot Jaguar Roadrunner Mustang Trailblazer Mountain Lion Trojan Wildcat Cougar Tiger
Principal Charles Grisier Grace Stombres Lance Huffman Michelle Ostot Dale Link (Interim) Chad Caudle Chris Asmussen Terri Kellen David Priniski & Shelley Hummon

The Scottsdale Unified School District is converting Mohave and Supai middle schools to 6th-8th grades in the near future.[6]

High schools[edit]

High schools in Scottsdale USD
School Arcadia Chaparral Coronado Desert Mountain[notes 2][notes 3] Saguaro
Location Phoenix Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale Scottsdale
Year opened[notes 4] 1958 1974 1961 1995 1966
School colors Red, blue Red, gold Scarlet, navy blue Maroon, gray Black, gold
School mascot Titans Firebirds Dons Wolves Sabercats
Principal John Biera Gale Holland Alyssa Tarkington Lisa Hirsh Brian Corte
Athletic conference 5A 5A 4A 6A 4A
Enrollment 1,680 2,090 1,325 2,365 1,400

The original Scottsdale High School operated from 1922 until 1983.

Alternative schools[edit]

  • Sierra Vista Academy


  1. ^ As a K-8 school; converted in 1981 to 7th and 8th grade. Buildings replaced Nov. 2001-Aug. 2002. Supai Middle School - Supai History
  2. ^ An International Baccalaureate program school
  3. ^ The library is a dual-use facility with the City of Scottsdale
  4. ^ Each of the SUSD high schools except DMHS were recently renovated. All renovations were completed by the end of 2008.


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