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Scotty Valens
Cold Case character
First appearance "Love Conquers Al" (1.06)
Last appearance "Shattered" (7.22)
Created by Meredith Stiehm
Portrayed by Danny Pino
Allen Alvarado (young)
Aliases "Scott", "Alvaro"
Gender Male
Occupation Homicide Detective
Family Ramiro Valens (father)
Rosa Valens (mother)

Mike Valens (brother)
Alegria Valens (sister-in-law)
Emilio Valens nickname Em (nephew)

Detective Scotty Valens is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by Danny Pino. He was a Philadelphia homicide detective and Lilly Rush's partner. He transferred to Homicide from West Detectives in the fall of 2003, replacing Lilly's first partner Chris Lassing. Young, cocky, and full of himself at first, he nonetheless quickly earned the rest of the squad's respect. He appeared on a crossover episode of CSI: NY called "Cold Reveal".[1]

Character Biography[edit]

Son of a Cuban father, Ramiro, and a Puerto Rican mother, Rosa. Episode 1.16, "Volunteers", states he was born some time in the 1970s, likely making him the youngest detective in the squad (with the possible exception of Kat Miller). It was further revealed in the 2005 episode "The Promise" that he was 28 when he transferred to Homicide, giving him a birth date sometime in 1975. Scotty is mentioned as having a number of siblings though only one, his older brother Mike, has appeared on the show.

Scotty's Granddad had ALS. He used to be a boxer, but at the end he couldn't even hold up a spoon. He suffered for weeks before he died. Scotty went to soccer camp as a kid. As a kid his late girlfriend Elisa lived 6 blocks away from Scotty. Has stated he had a girlfriend that bit her nails and it drove him crazy.

He has been shown to have a short temper at times, but is a very loyal partner to Lilly. Like Lilly, he also has difficulty with personal relationships.

In the second season, his girlfriend, Elisa dies. Her death is ruled as a suicide, as she has suffered from schizophrenia, but Scotty does not believe this, as Elisa had been afraid of heights, and would be unlikely to jump off a bridge on her own. He later had an intimate relationship with Lilly's sister Christina, which severely strained his friendship with Lilly for its duration, and he may still have a soft spot for Christina. He also had a brief affair with ADA Thomas in season five as well as another fellow officer but stopped it when her husband confronted him about their relationship.

Cold Case[edit]

Scotty's rogue attitude has worked against him more than once. In the episode "Offender", he identified a suspect to a vigilante father that allowed the father to find and kill said suspect. In the season four finale, during a hostage situation in the police squad room, he disobeys a S.W.A.T. commanders' orders and enters the building. He ends up shooting the gunman, drawing the interest of Internal Affairs, who question whether or not the shooting followed protocol (as well as bringing up the Burrell case). They ordered Scotty to take a month's unpaid leave as punishment, but Lt. John Stillman overruled them, taking the leave for himself in order to ensure Scotty stayed on the force.

In season seven, Scotty learns his mother was assaulted, but she refuses to say more or even press charges. Investigating on his own, Scotty realizes his mother was actually raped and goes on a personal quest to find the perpetrator.

Badge number 9136


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