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Publication information
Publisher Eclipse Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date September 1985 – October 1987
No. of issues 24
Main character(s) Emanuel Santana
Creative team
Created by Timothy Truman
Written by Timothy Truman
Letterer(s) Timothy Harkins
Colorist(s) Sam Parsons
Editor(s) Cat Yronwoode
Collected editions
Volume 1 ISBN 1-933305-95-9
Volume 2 ISBN 1-933305-60-6

Scout is a comic book series by American writer, artist and musician Timothy Truman. It was published by Eclipse Comics starting from 1985.

The story stars a Native American Apache named Emanuel Santana. The setting of the series is a dystopian United States that has become a Third World country.

Publication history[edit]

Twenty-four issues of the first series were published.

After the series ended, a short comic featuring Santana's marriage ceremony was published inside Timothy Truman's first album release entitled Marauder by his band The Dixie Pistols.

Two mini-series were published that 'bridged the gap' between the two Scout series: New America and Swords of Texas, each 4 issues long. While Truman oversaw them, others wrote and drew them. A one-shot 'Scout Handbook' was also published.

A new series entitled Scout: War Shaman continued Santana's adventures after having two children and being widowed. The series ended with issue #16, after Scout is killed. Further series were planned, Scout: Marauder and Scout: Blue Leader, but never appeared.


A history of ecological excesses had led other nations to levy vast sanctions against the US for "stealing" world resources.

Author Michael A. Sheyahshe noted in Native Americans in Comic Books – A Critical Study, that "Scout is presented in a respectful and genuine manner with tribally specific cultural ties."[1]

Collected editions[edit]

Eclipse printed two trade paperback collections of the comic: Scout: Four Monsters (#1–7), and Scout: Mount Fire (#8–14).

As well, Dynamite Entertainment published a series of reprints:

Film adaptation[edit]

In October 2016, Chris MacBride is set to adapt and direct for the big screen for Studio 8. Truman will serve as a consultant through the development.[2]


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