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A Scout County (also Scout Area) is an administrative division within The Scout Association of the United Kingdom. There are currently 115 Counties and Areas in the United Kingdom.[1] These bodies are responsible for providing programmes and support for their member Scout Districts.

The term County is used by England and Northern Ireland, while Area is used in Scotland and Wales. For the purposes of this article, the term County is used where County or Area can be applied.


Counties are led by a County Commissioner (who is appointed by the Chief Scout), who is supported by a team of Assistant County Commissioners and an Executive Committee.

Counties are themselves divided into Districts. The average County will have around 10 Districts, and around 3,900 members (of which 3,150 are under 18).[1]

Counties are responsible for the provision of the Scout Network, as well as supporting all Scouting activities within their member Districts.

Scout Counties in England[edit]

There are currently 58 counties in England. They are:

Scout Areas outside of the United Kingdom[edit]

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