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Scoutball is a team sport in which two teams, usually of seven players each, score points against one another by grounding the ball behind the goal line. Scoutball derived from the Scout movement. It is a simple game that does not need particular equipment, tries to limit the physical contact between players and gives attention to the typical outspokenness and fair play of Boy Scouts. Scoutball is inspired by many common sports.


The rules of this game are affected by the locality of the Scout movement so it is difficult to focus on Scoutball like one sport. However, some rules are always used. Every player takes care about his own scalp on his bottom like in flag football or in tag rugby. The meaning of a scalp is to limit the physical contact between different players. The match is played on the grass like in a football pitch. The aim is to ground the ball behind the goal line of the opposite team scoring a point with a try. A player is stopped by taking his scalp while he has the ball. After that, the ball is given to the opposite team and the player goes outside the match until the next try. The players usually use a handball ball or rugby ball to play.


Scoutball has grown up at very high levels in Italy. Italian Scouts usually organize many local or regional championships (especially in the city of Bologna and the region of Veneto). In Bologna there's a group of Boy Scouts and Scout leaders that has focused on developing this sport,[1] they set up standard rules to standardize the game. Since 1997 there is an Italian Scoutball championship in the city of Bologna where Boy Scouts of every Scouting association meet from all Italy. During the Scouting 2007 Centenary there has been a big championship.[2] On YouTube[3] there are many videos of the last championships.

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