Beaver Scouts (Scouting Ireland)

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Beaver Scouts
Beaver Scouts (Scouting Ireland).svg
Owner Scouting Ireland
Age range 6–8
Headquarters National Office
Location Larch Hill, Dublin 16
Country Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Chief Scout Christy McCann
Affiliation World Scout Movement
Cub Scouts
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Beaver Scouts (commonly known as Beavers) are the youngest age group in Scouting Ireland, being boys and girls aged between 6 and 8 years of age. The personal progressive scheme is broken down into three stages 'Bree' (Year 1) 'Ruairc' (Year 2) and 'Conn', while Adventure skills, Special Interest Badges and the Chief Scout Award also form part of the progress scheme.[1]


A group of Beavers is called a Beaver Scout Colony. The colony is run by a team of Programme Scouters (often with a "Section Leader" as the head) and often Venture Scouts. The beaver colony operates a very loose form of the Patrol System, in accordance with the Scout method, whereby Beavers are divided into small groups called lodges. The head beaver in a lodge is known as a lodge leader who is helped by an assistant lodge leader; these positions are changed frequently within the lodge.


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