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BOY-SCOUTS in Belgium 1910-1960

The Scouting and Guiding movement in Belgium consists of 15 to 20 separate organizations serving about 160,000 members. Nearly all organizations are grouped by languages and confessions. The Crown Scout rank is the highest a Boy Scout can achieve.


The first Scout Troop was founded in Brussels in 1909. Englishman Harold Parfitt founded the first Scout Troop for British boys, belonging to the British colony in that city. Belgians (notably Henri, son of Antoine Depage) observing the troop's activities also took an interest in Scouting and soon Belgian Scouting began.

Boy Scouts of Belgium (BSB) was founded on December 23, 1910. The first all-Belgian troop was founded in Brussels. They used the British badges, rules and uniforms. This association was open to all boys.

As early as 1911 the BSB founded a Girl Guide or Girl Scout troop but World War I and the German occupation hampered their development, so the founding of GGB was not until December 17, 1919. They also used British badges, rules and uniforms.

Belgium was again occupied by the Germans during World War II, and the Nazis tried to unite all youth-organisations in one national socialist youth movement. Scouting meetings and camps were banned, however some underground activities were conducted. Scouting resumed after the liberation. BSB and GGB merged into one organization in July 1945. Each section remained separate, and there were no mixed groups until well into the 1980s.

The Sea Scouts of Belgium (SSB), was founded in April 1914. SSB is an open movement concentrating on Sea Scouting only and founded along the North Sea Coast in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium only. SSB did not have any connection with BSB. They also used British badges, uniforms and rules.


Active on national or regional level are:

There are also a number of local organizations including:

  • Eclaireurs Unionistes de Belgique (YMCA-Scouts) [4]
  • Scouts de Genval
  • Scouts de Grez[5]
  • Unité scoute protestante Jean Calvin

International Scouting units in Belgium[edit]

Thanks to the many international institutions in Belgium there are some international Scout organizations active in the country. Among them are the British Scouts Western Europe (part of The Scout Association UK), the Transatlantic Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA.

British Scout units are found in Brussels, Waterloo and at SHAPE (near Mons). Boy Scouts of America units are found in Antwerp, Brussels, Waterloo and SHAPE.


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