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historic emblem of Lithuanian Scouting

Scouting and Guiding in Lithuania consist of a number of different organizations, some of them connected to international bodies. Besides open associations, there are also some for the national minorities living in Lithuania, as well as Girl Scouts of the USA.

Lithuanian organizations[edit]

Lithuanian Scout organizations include[1] (membership numbers from [2])

Alumni organizations[edit]

Alumni organizations include

  • Lietuvos suaugusių skautų bendrija (LSSB) for former Scouts and Guides, member of ISGF, founded in 1992, 50 members
  • Studentų skautų korporacija "Vytis", Akademinė skaučių draugovė ir Skautų filisterių sąjunga (Korp!Vytis, ASD ir SFS), an academic corporation of Scouts and Guides, restarted in 1989, 200 members

Lithuanian Scouts-in-exile[edit]

The association Lietuvių Skautų Sąjunga was formed after World War II and serves the Lithuanian communities abroad. As of 2008, there were active units in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Most of these units were also members of the respective National Scout Organization within WOSM.

International Scout units in Lithuania[edit]

In addition, there are USA Girl Scouts Overseas in Vilnius, serviced by way of USAGSO headquarters in New York.

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