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The Scout Movement in Spain consists of about 30 independent associations, most of them active on the regional level. Due to the regionalisation of Spain, even the larger nationwide associations are divided into regional sub-associations with individual emblems, uniforms and Scout programs.


Spanish Scout associations are divided in three organizational groups:

WOSM member organizations[edit]

The Federación de Escultismo en España is the National Scout Organization within WOSM. It serves 58,744 Scouts (as of 2004) and consists of three member organizations:

WAGGGS member organizations[edit]

Spanish Guiding is affiliated to WAGGGS via the Comité de Enlace del Guidismo en España, an umbrella federation serving 7.154 members (as of 2003). The Comité has two member organizations; both are again umbrella federations:

Independent Scout organizations[edit]

Independent (or non-aligned) Scout organizations in Spain include:

  • Asociación Española de Guías y Scouts de Europa (500 members; Catholic); affiliated to the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe
  • WFIS en España; affiliated to the World Federation of Independent Scouts; with three regional members:
    • Associació Catalana de Scouts
    • Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Madrid
    • Asociación Galega de Escultismo, Breogán Scouts
  • Asociación de Guías y Scouts ASA - Andalucía
  • Federación de Asociaciones Scouts Baden-Powell
  • Asociación Juvenil De Escultismo Andaluz
  • Centre Marista d'Escoltes
  • Federación Scout Regional de Madrid

Scout-like organizations[edit]

International Scout and Guide units in Spain[edit]


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