Scouting in American Samoa

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Scouting in American Samoa
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Scouting in American Samoa is in a state of development and growth. Scouting has existed in the islands since 1928.[2][3]

Tui F.S. Chanel was the South Pacific District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America and an officer of Air New Zealand. In 1970 after Chanel's death, the Boy Scouts dedicated Camp Chanel near Tafuna Airport in his honor.[citation needed] During the 1960s, Tui F.S. Chanel led a troop that produced the first Eagle Scout in American Samoa. His name is Kilifi (Cliff) O'Brian and currently works as the Fire Chief on the island. They attended jamborees, camp outs and even assisted in local rescue and recovery efforts.

For Boy Scouts, the Aloha Council has designated a full-time senior Scout District Executive for American Samoa, John Mills, in efforts to elevate the local Scouting program.[citation needed] For Girl Scouts, there are USA Girl Scouts Overseas in Pago Pago, served by USAGSO headquarters in New York City.

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