Scowlitz First Nation

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The Scowlitz First Nation or Scowlitz Indian Band is the band government of Skaulits subgroup of the Sto:lo people located on Harrison Bay in the Upper Fraser Valley region between Chehalis (E) and Lake Errock, British Columbia, Canada (W).[1] They are a member government of the Stó:lō Tribal Council.

Indian Reserves[edit]

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Indian Reserves under the administration of the Cowlitz First Nation are:

Qithyll/Harrison Knob archaeological site[edit]

The Scowlitz First Nation are partners in an archaeological dig covering Harrison Hill and its subpeak Harrison Knob, known to them as Qithyll, which is an ancient graveyard containing unusual burial mounds known as the Scowlitz Mounds or Fraser Valley Pyramids. The site contains 198 pyramids in 15 distinct clusters.[8][9]


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