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Scranton, Pennsylvania skyline.

Scranton, Pennsylvania is a city in the United States.

Scranton may also refer to:



  • Deborah Scranton, American documentarian
  • George W. Scranton (1811–1861), American iron tycoon and U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania
  • Jim Scranton (born 1960), American former professional baseball player
  • Joseph A. Scranton (1838–1908), U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania
  • Mary Scranton (1918–2015), former First Lady of Pennsylvania
  • Mary F. Scranton (1832–1909), Methodist Episcopal Church missionary, the first female missionary in Korea, and the founder of the Ewha Girls School there
  • Nancy Scranton (born 1961), American professional golfer
  • Paul Scranton (born 1944), American professional basketball player for the ABA's Anaheim Amigos
  • William Scranton (1917–2013), former Pennsylvania Governor and 1964 US Presidential candidate
  • William Scranton, III (born 1947), former Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor, son of William Scranton
  • William Walker Scranton (1844-1916), Pennsylvania businessman

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