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Scrapper may refer to:

  • Someone who collects and sells scrap
  • The Scrapper, 1917 short Western film directed by John Ford
  • Scrapper (film), a 2011 short film
  • Scrapper (2013), independent film starring Michael Beach, Anna Giles and Aidan Gillen
  • Scrapper Records, record label of Pete Francis Heimbold
  • Someone characterized by a propensity to fight, or one who is currently fighting.
  • Scrapper Blackwell, 1903–1962, an American blues guitarist and singer
  • (US English) An illegal scrapper, who steals materials from vacant buildings or unused items (such as railroad tracks and street lights), in order to sell them for the scrap value. The term may also be applied to those who steal such items from occupied buildings or items in current use, in order to sell for scrap value (for example, copper coils used in air conditioners).

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Scrappers may refer to:

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