Scream It Like You Mean It

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Scream It Like You Mean It
Scream It Like You Mean It Tour Logo 2012.jpg
2012 Tour Logo
Genre Post-hardcore, metalcore, alternative rock, pop punk, electronic rock, deathcore, dubstep
Location(s) United States, Canada, Europe
Years active 2010–2013
Founded by Dave Shapiro, Matthew Stewart, Yogi Allgood

Scream It Like You Mean It was a successful annual tour put on by founders and owners Dave Shapiro of Los-Angeles-based The Agency Group Ltd. and Matthew Stewart of Washington, D.C.-based Outerloop Management. Yogi Allgood was also a founder, owner, and creator of this tour from 2010-2013, but has since left Outerloop Management. Matthew Stewart also left Outerloop Management in January 2014. The national tour throughout 2010-2011 reached the United States and Europe; and 2012-2013 reached throughout the United States. According to co-owner, Matthew Stewart "the whole point of this tour and the reason we're doing this for the third straight year is because we try our hardest to make [the tour] a positive experience for both the fans and the artists on it."[1] Matthew Stewart also mentioned that "in 2012 or 2013 we’d like to have the tour in the US, Europe, and Australia. We’d like to make it a world brand."[2]


The first tour featured eight main bands playing 26 shows, during July and August. Electric Zombie and MerchNow were sponsors.


2011 Europe[edit]

The second tour featured four main bands playing 21 shows, during April and May. Avocado Booking and Outerloop Management were sponsors.


2011 US[edit]

The third tour featured six bands playing 37 shows, during July and August. Music Skins and MerchNow sponsored the tour.



The fourth tour featured 18 bands, reaching 49 cities over five and a half weeks (July 5th through August 12th), and featured two stages; however, the tour was divided into two separate tours (entitled Blue or Red) which criss-crossed each other at multiple dates (entitled Gold). The Blue tour headliner was The Acacia Strain, and the Red tour headliner was Attack Attack!. MerchNow and LA GEAR sponsored the tour.[6] Due to the closing of the venue Sonar in Baltimore, MD; the tour's last date became August 11, 2012 at Empire in Springfield, VA (Blue tour).



The fifth tour featured seven bands, reaching 27 cities and dates during October and ending on November 5, 2013 in New York City.


Capture the Crown dropped off the tour in late October due to mechanical problems with their transportation.

A 2014 tour was not set up, and it is unclear whether the tour will be back again in 2015.[8]