Screams for Tina

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Screams for Tina
Origin Los Angeles
Genres Deathrock, gothic rock
Years active 1985–present
Labels Strobelight Records
Members Warren Mansfield
Billy Budd
Past members Marvin Rinnig
Bobbi Drier
Kent Bancroft
Tom Wenzel

Screams for Tina is a deathrock and gothic rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1985 by Warren Mansfield (vocals, bass, keyboards) and Marvin Rinnig (guitar).


The duo recorded a 12” EP, Strobelight Funeral, in 1986, which was distributed in both the United States and Europe. Reviews cited other post-punk and gothic rock-related bands of the 1980s as influences, such as Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and the Psychedelic Furs. “Deathrock” was another term frequently used by critics when describing their early sound.[1]

English bassist Billy Budd and local drummer Bobbi Drier were added in 1987 and the band became regular performers at local underground scene clubs The Krypt, Scream, Zombie Zoo, Hapihaus, Obituary, Helter Skelter, as well as mainstream venues such as The Roxy and the Whisky A Go Go.

In 1988, the L.A. Weekly entertainment newspaper held a citywide Rock Music Awards poll. Final vote tabulation placed Screams for Tina in the Top 5 of the Best New Band and Best Underground Band categories, as well as in the Top 10, for Independent Album.[2]

In 1990, Rinning was replaced by Kent Bancroft (Like Wreckage, Spahn Ranch). By 1992, the band had caught the attention of Cleopatra Records President Brian Perrera, who subsequently included the band’s song "Eleven Eleven" on the 1993 compilation CD The Whip. This led to the release of the band’s first full-length album, Screams for Tina. The CD ranked among Caroline Distribution’s top 50 selling albums during its month of release. It was subsequently licensed to Talitha Records in Germany, for distribution outside the U.S.A.

From 1993 through 1996, the band continued to perform live and appear on various genre-related compilations. In 1998, the group disbanded.

Screams for Tina was revived again in 2002 when their friends in the Austrian band Kiss the Blade invited them to be on their new label Strobelight Records. The band’s two remaining members, Mansfield and Budd, signed an interim deal and the label released a four-song EP, 2003 A.D., that included songs written and recorded after the breakup.




  • Strobelight Funeral 12" EP (1986, Dark Illusion Records)
  • Judgement Day 7" EP (1992, Piece of Mind Records)
  • 2003 A.D. CD EP (2003, Strobelight Records)


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