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Screen Snapshots were a series of documentary short subjects produced by Columbia Pictures between 1924 and 1958. They featured behind-the-scenes footage of Hollywood stars of the day at various Hollywood events or parties. From about 1930, these short documentaries were almost exclusively written, produced and directed (and occasionally edited and narrated) by Ralph Staub, until the series was discontinued in 1958. They usually ran for 9 or 10 minutes and were shown in cinema theatres like newsreels alongside main features.

Three of these documentary shorts were nominated for an Academy Award, Best Short Subject, One-reel. They are -


In 1919, Jack Cohn, brother of future Columbia president Harry Cohn, wanted short one-reel size films showing the reality of Hollywood.[1] The two brothers created Hall Room Boys Photoplays, with Harry in Los Angeles to produce and Jack in New York for distribution.[2] While Harry considered himself in charge of everything the company made, it was Jack's project and so he brought in Louis Lewyn to coproduce.[3]


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