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A screenwriting guru is a screenwriter, screenwriting teacher or book author who has written about the craft of screenwriting. The term "guru" is attached to their name because of their purported extensive knowledge of the form and structure of different kinds of screenplays and because of their purported ability to teach this knowledge to novice "would-be" writers. As such, the term "guru" is a controversial one.

Among the most well known "gurus" are:

An academic overview and comparative summary of the work of most of the above Screenwriting gurus was published free, online by Joe Velikovsky in 2003.

The following writers and theorists are considered by some to have laid the foundations for contemporary screenplay analysis.

  • Lajos Egri -- "The Art of Dramatic Writing" (The Father of Modern Screenwriting Gurus)
  • Joseph Campbell -- "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" (The Father of Modern Screenwriting Gurus)
  • Aristotle -- "Poetics" (The Great Grand-Daddy of Modern Screenwriting Gurus)
  • Konstantin Stanislavski -- "An Actor Prepares", "Building A Character", "Creating A Role" (The Father of Actors, Stars, Screenwriters, Directors and Acting - Writing Gurus / Teachers)