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Origin Japan
Years active 2006–2016
Past members Byou

Screw (typeset as SCREW) was a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in March 2006 by vocalist Byou and Yuuto, who were previously in the band Joker before its disbandment.


2011-present: Biran, Going Major and Xanadu Seventh Heaven Tour[edit]

In 2011, Screw released two new singles, which were later included on their fifth studio album, Biran, released on February 15, 2012.

The single "Deep Six" reached number 23 on the Oricon charts and number 1 on the Indies chart. The single "Brainstorm" reached number 30 on Oricon charts and number 1 on the Indies chart.

Their fifth studio album was released on February 15, 2012. It immediately reached number 3 on the Indies chart. Within its first week, the album reached number 42 on the Oricon chart.

Screw announced that they are to go major with the release of their new single "Xanadu", set to come out on October 17. The group will start a one-man tour, Xanadu -Seventh Heaven...- on the same day at Shibuya O-West with a tour final date at Osaka Muse on December 9.[1]

Titled Teardrop, the single will be released on February 6. There are currently no more details available, but more information is expected to be revealed closer to the single's release. Screw have also announced a short one-man tour for 2013, titled Screw 7th Anniversary Live Neverending Breath. The tour will start on April 13 at Osaka Muse and end on April 20 at Shibuya-AX, for a total of three dates.[2]

They covered hide's song "Dice" for Tribute III -Visual Spirits-, released on July 3, 2013.[3]

Former members[edit]



Title Release date Label Type Oricon major Oricon indies
Nanairo no Reienka July 12, 2006 Speed Disk Mini-album
Fusion of the Core March 14, 2007 Speed Disk Album
Racial Mixture April 8, 2009 Indie PSC Mini-album
X-Rays September 16, 2009 Indie PSC Album 72
Anaphyaxis January 9, 2010 Indie PSC Album 63 5
Duality November 17, 2010 Indie PSC Album 57 5
Biran February 15, 2012 Indie PSC Album 42 3
SCREW July 10, 2013 Tokuma Shota Album
Psycho Monsters August 20, 2014 Tokuma Shota Album
Konsui April 22, 2015 Tokuma Shota Mini-album
Kakusei August 19, 2015 Tokuma Shota Mini-album
BRILLIANT March 30, 2016 PS Music Best Album


Title Release date Label Chart Positions
Nejireta Shiso June 21, 2006 Speed Disk 192
Sakuran Scream October 25, 2006 Speed Disk 140
Heartless Screen November 22, 2006 Speed Disk 169
Finale of Screw December 20, 2006 Speed Disk 149
Venom September 12, 2007 Indie PSC 113
Virus October 3, 2007 Indie PSC 139
Raging Blood February 27, 2008 Indie PSC 37
Wailing Wall August 13, 2008 Indie PSC 40
Gather Roses November 19, 2008 Indie PSC 39
Cursed Hurricane May 12, 2010 Indie PSC 36
Ancient Rain June 9, 2010 Indie PSC 39
Deep Six March 23, 2011 Indie PSC 23
Brainstorm September 21, 2011 Indie PSC 34
Xanadu October 17, 2012 Tokuma Japan Communications 19
Teardrop February 6, 2013 Tokuma Japan Communications 20
Cavalcade November 6, 2013 Tokuma Japan Communications
Fugly April 23, 2014 Tokuma Japan Communications

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