Screw (magazine)

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Editor Al Goldstein
Categories Pornographic men's
Frequency Weekly
First issue 1968
Final issue 2003
Country United States
Language English

Screw was a weekly pornographic tabloid newspaper published in the United States aimed at heterosexual men;[1] according to a statement on the cover, it offered "Jerk-Off Entertainment for Men".[2] It was first published in November 1968[3][4] by Al Goldstein and Jim Buckley (who edited the short-lived "sister" tabloid Gay[5]), and was printed weekly in tabloid form. At its peak, Screw sold 140,000 copies a week.[6] Founder Al Goldstein won a series of nationally significant court cases addressing obscenity.[7]

On May 2, 1969, Screw published the first reference in print to J. Edgar Hoover's sexuality, entitled "Is J. Edgar Hoover a Fag?"[8][9][10]

Screw's most successful issue, published in 1973, contained unauthorized photos of Jacqueline Kennedy nude.[11]

Stripper and erotic performance artist Honeysuckle Divine wrote a column, "Diary of a Dirty Broad", for Screw in 1974.[12] According to Goldstein, her act "was unbelievably disgusting, so naturally, we made her our symbol."[13]

In 1974, Goldstein and Buckley were charged with 12 counts of obscenity in a federal court in Kansas. The case dragged on for three years through two trials and was finally settled when Goldstein agreed to pay a $30,000 fine.[14]

In 1977, Alabama Governor George Wallace sued Screw for $5 million for publishing the claim that he had learned to perform sexual acts from reading the magazine. The two parties settled for $12,500, and Screw agreed to print an apology.[15]

The magazine closed in October 2003.[16] A New Screw Review was briefly restarted by former employees in 2005.[17]


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