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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceAmazing Spider-Man #559 (July 2008)
Created byDan Slott
Marcos Martín
In-story information
Team affiliationsDeadpool Inc.
AbilitiesExpert gymnast

Screwball is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The world's first "live streaming super-villain", she commits crimes to get more hits on her web page and is an enemy of Spider-Man. Screwball first appears in Amazing Spider-Man #559 and was created by Dan Slott and Marcos Martín.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Not much is known about Screwball's past. Screwball would commit crimes while a film crew filmed her so that she can get more hits on her videos by having Spider-Man appear on it. She first encountered Spider-Man while he was tracing the "Spider-Tracer Killer."[1]

Screwball later posed as Spider-Man to help Bookie where they filmed Spider-Man fighting a villain called Basher. The fight was uploaded on YouTube and watched by the patrons of the Bar with No Name. The Enforcers recognized what was happening and began to attack Bookie only for him to be rescued when the real Spider-Man showed up.[2]

When Spider-Man and Daredevil arrive at the Bar With No Name, Screwball is among the patrons that attack them.[3]

Because of Spider-Man's humiliating fight with Screwball, Ben Reilly didn't want to buy any of Peter Parker's photos.[4]

During the "Origin of the Species" storyline, Spider-Man apprehends Screwball and Looter in Midtown in light of Doctor Octopus stealing Lily Hollister's newborn child Stanley.[5]

Spider-Girl later chased Screwball and confiscated her camera to prevent her from broadcasting her latest activity before handing her over to the police.[6]

Screwball later collaborated with Jester in pranking Mayor J. Jonah Jameson which was uploaded on the Internet. Both villains were defeated by Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Spider-Man's body).[7]

Screwball later appeared in Las Vegas where she collaborated with Arcade who gave her the training, equipment, and exclusive streaming rights that she needed.[8]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Screwball is an expert gymnast.

In other media[edit]

  • Screwball appears in Marvel's Spider-Man. This version of Screwball is a vigilante rather than a villain and the alter-ego of Liz Allan (voiced by Natalie Lander). In "Screwball Live!", Screwball sets up reckless pranks on corrupt businesses and live streams them. One of her pranks gets her and Randy Robertson nearly killed by Hammerhead and Absorbing Man. However, they are both saved by Spider-Man. Realizing she was using her internet exposure recklessly, Liz takes a "hiatus" from making more videos.
  • Screwball appears in the 2018 Spider-Man video game, voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.[9] Screwball is part of a side mission where Spider-Man has to partake in a series of challenges before her fans murder a hostage, all while she live streams Spider-Man's feats. Screwball pretends to be the hostage only for her fans to ambush Spider-Man. After Spider-Man defeats her remaining fans, Screwball is arrested while remarking she can't be held responsible since she didn't commit the crimes, but her fans did. She later reappears in the three-part DLC story "The City That Never Sleeps", having been released and starting a new show where she sets up several challenges for Spider-Man to complete, lest her fans get angry and begin attacking innocents. After reaching 50 million followers, she throws a giant rooftop party, where Spider-Man eventually catches her and leaves her to the cops once more.


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