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For the similarly named periodical, see Scribner's Magazine.
Scribner's Monthly
First issue
The first issue of Scribner's Monthly from November 1870.
EditorJ. G. Holland
CategoriesPictorial, literature
First issueNovember 1870
Final issueOctober 1881
CompanyScribner & Co.
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Scribner's Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for the People was an illustrated American literary periodical published from 1870 until 1881. Following sale of the company which produced it in 1881, the magazine was relaunched as The Century Magazine.


Charles Scribner I, Andrew Armstrong, Arthur Peabody, Edward Seymour, Josiah Gilbert Holland, and Roswell Smith established "Scribner & Co." on July 19, 1870 to start on the publication of Scribner's Monthly.[1] Scribner's Monthly absorbed the second incarnation of Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art.[2]

The first issue of the newly formed periodical was published in November of that year. In April 1881, Charles Scribner II sold his share of the Scribner & Co. company to Roswell Smith. The name of the magazine and the company were retooled, dropping Scribner or Scribner's out of anything. Scribner's Monthly was changed to The Century Magazine and Scribner & Co. was changed to Century Company.

Charles Scribner II was unable to launch a competing magazine for five years.[1] Charles Scribner I announced to a Times reporter that they would make a new monthly publication "as soon as the necessary arrangements could be perfected." Scribner also announced that the editor would be Edward Burlingame, the son of Anson Burlingame, who was already connected to the publishing house as a literary advisor.

Scribner further noted that the magazine would not be a revival of the formerly published Scribner's Monthly.[3]


Truman C. Everts's Thirty-Seven Days of Peril was also published within the pages of Scribner's Monthly.[4]


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