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Scripps may refer to:


  • Edward W. Scripps (1854–1926), American publisher and media financier
  • Ellen Browning Scripps (1836–1932), American philanthropist, half-sister of Edward W. Scripps
  • James E. Scripps (1835–1906), American newspaper publisher, brother of Ellen Browning Scripps
  • Samuel H. Scripps (1927–2007), American philanthropist in theater and dance, grandson of Edward W. Scripps
  • Anne Scripps (1946–1993),heiress to the Scripps newspaper publishing and great-great granddaughter of James E. Scripps
  • Charles Scripps (1920–2007), chairman of the board of the E. W. Scripps Company and grandson of Edward W. Scripps
  • Dan Scripps, American politician
  • John Locke Scripps (1818–1866), attorney, journalist, and author. First cousin once removed of E.W. Scripps
  • John Martin Scripps (1959–1996), British serial killer
  • Natalee Scripps (born 1978), New Zealand cricketer
  • William Edmund Scripps (1882–1952), American founder of WWJ radio, son of James E. Scripps

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