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This article is about the Hollywood script sales video blog. For the film-making occupation, see Script supervisor.
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ScriptGirl is the nom de guerre of an as-yet unidentified producer's assistant (and aspiring screenwriter) who presents a regular Hollywood script-sales report via a video blog.

Born and raised in Nebraska and educated at the University of Iowa, she was drawn to the movie business in Los Angeles. Whereupon the initial failure to launch her screenwriting career led to producing the aforementioned script sales report.[1]

While containing the necessary facts as to who sold what to whom, for how much and who they are 'repped' by, this otherwise dry information is augmented with witty presentation, sex appeal, and cut-aways to humorous animated asides.[2] At the end of each report she signs off with her encouraging catchphrase:

You can't sell it, if you don't write it.

In addition, she doles out "Questionable Advice" to other aspiring screenwriters in her own Q&A column in Script Magazine[3] (as of the September/October 2010 issue).


The ScriptGirl Report was co-created by writer/producers Brian DiMuccio and Dino Vindeni. The trio met in 2007 when ScriptGirl was working as an assistant to DiMuccio & Vindeni's literary agent Matt Leipzig at Original Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, CA [4]


The name and identity of ScriptGirl remain unknown. Many commentators have speculated on her identity, with some suggesting that she might be a man or a team of men.[5]


In August 2008, ScriptGirl was involved in an online war of words with movie critic Devin Faraci of when he claimed that she was also a hostess on the Shop Erotic Network.[6] It was later determined to be a case of mistaken identity, for which Faraci publicly apologized.[7]


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