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ScriptLogic Corporation
Private - Owned by Quest Software
Industry Computer Software
Founded 1997
Headquarters Boca Ratón, Florida, United States
Products See Products
Slogan Point, Click, Done!

ScriptLogic Corporation is a software manufacturer of network administration products for Microsoft Windows-based networks. ScriptLogic's suite of desktop, server, and Active Directory management products allow network administrators to remotely manage network-connected desktop PCs and servers to assure uniformity of network configuration and security measures. ScriptLogic claims a user base of more than 25,000 customers managing approximately 5.5 million desktops and 100,000+ servers.[citation needed]

History and acquisitions[edit]

ScriptLogic, founded in 1997, initially made a user desktop configuration management tool for network administrators. This basic login script replacement tool has grown into a complex desktop configuration management solution called Desktop Authority. Additional desktop management and Windows server products have been added to the portfolio including disk imaging, application packaging, security management, and regulatory compliance solutions.

ScriptLogic has offices in the US, UK and Australia, with customers and distributors worldwide.

Dell's acquisition of Quest Software and subsequently ScriptLogic became official on September 27, 2012.

August 2007 Quest Software acquired ScriptLogic Corporation, keeping Scriptlogic as a wholly owned subsidiary allowing Scriptlogic to continue to develop and support its product line.

November 12, 2007 ScriptLogic purchased the assets of Mattus Inc. (d/b/a Kemma Software), a help desk software development company located near Pittsburgh, PA. This acquisition added a help desk software solution for the SMB market to ScriptLogic's product line.

Official statements[edit]


Desktop management[edit]

  • Desktop Authority
  • MSI Studio
  • Password Self-Service
  • Patch Authority Ultimate
  • Privilege Authority

Network management[edit]

  • PacketTrap
  • sl360

Help desk management[edit]

  • Help Desk Authority
  • Remote Support Center

Exchange management[edit]

  • Archive Manager
  • Quest Change Auditor for Exchange
  • Quest MessageStats
  • Quest Policy Authority for Unified Communications
  • Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange
  • Security Explorer for Exchange
  • Quest Spotlight on Messaging

Active Directory management[edit]

  • Active Administrator
  • Quest Active Roles Server
  • Quest Change Auditor for Active Directory
  • Quest GPO Admin
  • Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory
  • Quest Reporter
  • Quest Spotlight on Active Directory

Server management[edit]

  • Archive Manager
  • Enterprise Security Reporter
  • File System Auditor
  • Quest Lightspeed for SQL Server
  • Quest Message Stats
  • Patch Authority Ultimate
  • Secure Copy
  • Security Explorer for File Servers
  • Security Explorer for SharePoint
  • Security Explorer for SQL
  • Security Explorer for Exchange

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