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For computer scripts that can be used with Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Scripts.

Script, SCRIPT or scripting may refer to:



  • Manuscript, any written document often story based and unpublished
  • Play (theatre), the dialogue and stage directions for a theatrical production
  • a defunct literary magazine edited by Rob Wagner
  • Screenplay, the dialog and instructions for a film
  • Script (comics), the dialogue for a comic book or comic strip
  • Scripted sequence, a predefined series of events in a video game triggered by player location or actions




Writing systems[edit]

  • Script (Unicode), collections of letters and other written signs used to represent textual information in writing systems, each assigned to a Unicode number
  • Script typeface, having characteristics of handwriting
  • A distinctive writing system, based on defined elements or symbols generally known as a "script"



  • Scrip, any currency substitute
  • Scripted (company), an online marketplace that allows businesses to hire freelance writers for blogs, articles, and bulk social media posts

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