Scrivener's Moon

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Scrivener's Moon
Author Philip Reeve
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Fever Crumb Series
Genre Steampunk
Publisher Scholastic Corporation
Publication date
April 2011
Media type Print (Hardback)
Preceded by A Web of Air

Scrivener's Moon is the sequel to A Web of Air, and the third book in the Mortal Engines Quartet prequel series. It was released in April 2011.


The story picks off not long after the conclusion of A Web of Air and will once again follow the series' main character Fever Crumb, an ex London engineer.

One of Philip Reeve's blog posts shed some light on the series before its release. Crumb's true journey is set to begin, starting at the newly reconstructed city of London, which has become a fledgling Traction City.

The Arkangelsk are set to return to the series in this book but will be shown in an entirely different light than their descendants who were prominent antagonists in the original Mortal Engines quartet.


In a future land once known as Britain, nomad tribes are preparing to fight a terrifying enemy - the first-ever mobile city. Before London can launch itself, young engineer Fever Crumb must journey to the wastelands of the North. She seeks the ancient birthplace of the Scriven mutants.

Scrivener's Moon is the sequel to A Web of Air, the story set centuries before Mortal Engines.


  • Fever Crumb
  • Cluny Morvish
  • Dr. Gideon Crumb
  • Wavey Godshawk
  • Charley Shallow
  • Nikola Quercus (later Nicholas Quirke)
  • Nintendo Tharp
  • Borglum
  • Gwen Natsworthy
  • Shrike