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Scrollback logo
Developer(s) Askabt
Initial release 27 June 2013
Written in JavaScript and Node.js
Operating system Cross-platform

Scrollback is a free and open source chat service for communities written in Node.js.

Scrollback hosts chat rooms that can be embedded into web pages or linked with IRC channels and Twitter hashtags. It is developed in the open and the source code is hosted on GitHub.[1]


Askabt, the company behind Scrollback, was started in Bangalore, India in August 2012 by Gaurav Srivastava and Aravind Ravi-Sulekha. Their first product was a community-based question-answer service using the XMPP network, similar to Aardvark but with an additional embeddable web interface. In February 2013, the company moved to Singapore to take part in the JFDI.Asia Accelerate program.[2] While at JFDI, it pivoted to discussion spaces for communities and launched Scrollback in late June 2013.

Scrollback aims to bring the community experience of IRC to the mainstream.[3]

Technologies used[edit]

  • node-irc: node-irc is an IRC client library written in JavaScript for Node
  • redis: used in Scrollback for in-memory, key-value data storing
  • browserify : used in Scrollback for bundling up all of dependencies in the browser
  • persona: Scrollback uses Mozilla persona as one of their user authentication system
  • LevelDB: Most room and room member's data on Scrollback is maintained on LevelDB


  • Widget form of Scrollback - Users can embed [4] the widget of Scrollback on their personal or community website.
  • Conversations - Using artificial neural networks, Scrollback can group related messages together into conversations.[5]
  • Easy to search archives - The full text search now allows users to quickly scan through the archives.[6]
  • Easy room configuration - The room configuration process on Scrollback lets user decide who all can access his/her room(s) as well as link his/her room to IRC channels and Twitter.
  • IRC compatible - If an active IRC community exists, Scrollback acts like a gateway to it.


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