Scrubbing Bubbles

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Scrubbing Bubbles
Scrubbing bubbles home logo2.png
Product typeBathroom Cleaner
OwnerS. C. Johnson & Son (1997-)
CountryUnited States
Introduced1968; 52 years ago (1968) (as Dow Bathroom Cleaner)
MarketsNorth America
Previous ownersDow Chemical Company (1968-1997)
TaglineWe work hard so you don't have to!

Scrubbing Bubbles is the brand name of a bathroom cleaner produced by S. C. Johnson & Son. The product was originally named Dow Bathroom Cleaner after the Dow Chemical Company, its manufacturer at the time. After some consumer product lines were sold to S.C. Johnson in 1997, the product had to be rebranded and took the name of the product's longtime "Scrubbing Bubbles" mascots (smiling anthropomorphic soap bubbles with brush bristles on their undersides creating lots of suds).


In the 1970s, the voice of the leader of the Scrubbing Bubbles in popular commercials for the product featured Paul Winchell (best known as the voice of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh cartoons). The bubble leader returned with the name "Scrubby" in future commercials.[1] The animation for the commercials was done by Tissa David, a female pioneer in animation. The ad campaign was created by the advertising agency of Della Femina Travisano and Partners.

In 1995, pranksters at MIT placed 3D replicas of the Scrubbing Bubbles characters[2] on the outside of the windows of the school's Media Lab building to celebrate the lab's tenth anniversary.


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