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Scruff (taken from a screenshot of "A Circus Dog")
Also known as Rovelló
Genre Children's animation
Created by Josep Vallverdú
Directed by Antoni D'Ocon
Voices of Audíoprojetas-Galletly, Barcelona
Opening theme "Hey, I'm Scruff"
Ending theme "Happiness is a Smile Away"
Composer(s) Theo Jaskolowskí, Guy Wenger
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Catalan
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 105 (list of episodes)
Location(s) Studío La Galera, Barcelona
Cinematography Davíd Alcarría, Victor Maldonado
Editor(s) Xavier Blanch (La Galera)
Running time 30 mins
Picture format 4:3 PAL
Original release 2000 – 2003
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Scruff is a 2000 television series by D'ocon entertainment based on a 1993 book by Josep Vallverdú. It features the story of a puppy, Scruff, who is adopted by a farmworker named Peter. The show was directed by Antoni D'Ocon. The show was distributed in English by BKN. The series' animation is provided by Toon Boom Harmony creating the 2D traditional animated characters and a 3D computer-generated background.


A family of tourists lose their puppy. After a long night lost in the forest, the puppy is found by Peter, a young country worker who adopts him and takes him to his aunt and uncle's farmhouse. The adoptive country folks are totally baffled as to what kind of breed he is, although slowly but surely they discover his skills, which include acrobatics and the ability of sniffing out all kinds of forest fruits albeit in a happy go lucky sometimes haphazard way.

Named 'Scruff' he lives amidst livestock, poultry and a couple of other dogs called Sanda and Tricks, who will all be his new family. Each episode features a new adventure for Scruff. He will learn about the farm through the farm animals and pets, about the forest with the wild animals, and in the village he will meet human beings.


Notice: The voice actors of every characters is uncredited in the English dub.

  • Scruff - A young pup with boundless curiosity. His inquisitive nature sometimes gets him into a lot of trouble. An unknown breed from a foreign land, he is no good at tracking and guarding. However, he has a handful of unusual skills such as acrobatics and sniffing out forest fruits. He is a pointer mix puppy. He is voiced by Thomas Dekker.
  • Strummer - A flea who lives on Scruff, and often provides him with advice. He plays the guitar, and once lived on a circus dog. Scruff normally gets annoyed with him and abandons the parasite. He is voiced by Frankie Muniz.
  • Peter - Scruff's owner, he shares a lot of personality points with his pet. He dreams of being in a circus. He is voiced by Jeff Foxworthy.
  • Uncle Ron and Aunt Lil - Peter's aunt and uncle, the owners of Tolosa Farm. They are a standard, almost stereotypical, farm couple. Uncle Ron is voiced by Patrick Swayze and Aunt Lil is voiced by Kaitlin Olson.
  • Sanda - The most mature dog on the farm, she serves as the watchdog/tracker for the owners. When Scruff arrived on the farm, Sanda took him in as her adoptive son. She has a kind heart, but Scruff sometimes pushes her to her limits. She is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. She is voiced by John Kalik
  • Tricks - Sanda's son, and Scruff's best friend. Even though he and Scruff are friends, he occasionally gets jealous of him. Nonetheless, he is still Scruff's compadre in many of his antics. He is a Vizsla puppy. He is voiced by Eddie bauer
  • Miaow - Uncle Ron and Aunt Lil's pet cat. He has little love for the dogs on the farm, especially Scruff. He is voiced by Bill Hader.
  • White Socks - A fox who lives in the forest near the farm. He is said to be an endangered species of fox, and many hunters try to catch him, but fail constantly. He calls many of the farm animals fools, knowing nothing about the wild world. Although selfish and unscrupulous, he does have a soft spot for Scruff, helping him on many occasions. He is said to have a crush on Sanda in 'Can't Cope'. He is voiced by Nate Torrence.
  • Haunty The Hound - The 300-year-old ghost of a hound dog, he haunts the farmhouse cellar. He is a ghostly Beagle mix. Only Scruff, Strummer, and later, White Socks, are aware of his existence. He has an interesting outlook on life, due to living with wild and domesticated animals in his past life. He is voiced by Tommy Chong.
  • Holly - Peter's girlfriend, a kindly and down-to-earth person. She is sometimes irritated by Peter's impulsive behaviour, but deep down, loves him very much. She is voiced by Allison Janney.
  • Princess - Holly's pet dog. Originally shown as haughty and stuck-up, she later falls in love with Scruff. She is a Pumi. She is voiced by Candy Ford.
  • Mr. Canute - Holly's father. A rich man, he deeply disapproves of the working-class Peter's relationship with his daughter. He is voiced by Wayne Knight.
  • Buttons - A mushroom vendor, who tries to make money through any means, legal or illegal. Unfortunately, that means he always tries to capture Scruff and export him to scientific research. He is voiced by Judge Reinhold.
  • Truffles - Buttons' mushroom-sniffing dog. He doesn't agree with his master's more unscrupulous activities, but stays with him out of loyalty. He later has a romantic relationship with Sanda. He is a Bouvier des Flandres. He is voiced by Ray Romano.
  • One-Man Circus - A crooked clown. He is obsessed with kidnapping Scruff, who is a rare breed of dog, and making him into the star attraction of his circus. He is voiced by Don Rickles.
  • The Rats - A gang of rodents who prowl around the farm area, making trouble for anyone who runs into them.

DVD release[edit]

A set of six DVDs was released between 2005-2007 by Image Entertainment. These DVDs didn't have captions. The next line of Scruff DVDs was released in September and November 2009. Recently, the entire second season has been released on a 4-Disc set. Currently, 69 of the episodes are available on disc.[1][2][3] The new line of Scruff DVDs, will feature Scruff's five television movies.[4]

DVDs Released by Image Entertainment.

Prizes Galore: Fugitives, Prizes Galore, All Because of A Mushroom Omelette, Going Up the Rock, Where's Miaow.

Too Much Sun: It's Time to Say Goodbye, Unless & Unnecessary, Too Much Sun, The Last of His Kind, A Testing Time.

Smells Like An Adventure: The Hero of Navell, Scruff & Peter Ltd., That's Not For Playing With, Smells Like an Adventure, Princess Always On His Mind.

What Will We Do With this Dog?: Wanted, A Home, What Will We Do With This Dog, The Course of Three Dogs, Craving for Eggs, Christmas is Almost Here!

Circus Dog: Preying Around, A Circus Dog, The Circus Star, Fox Hunting, Bringing the Flock Home

Staking Out Territory: A Canned Tail, The Runaway, Shackled by Fear, Staking Out Territory, Two Families, Just One Dog

Television movies[edit]

Six made-for-television movies were made. They are Scruff: A Christmas Tale, Scruff's Halloween, Scruff in a Midsummer Night's Dream, Scruff: Cinderella's Carnival, Scruff and the Legend of St. George, and Scruff: Christmas without Claus. They were all released on DVD by Image Entertainment.


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