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Years active2003–present
Associated actsSCB
MembersPaul Rose

Paul Rose, usually known as Scuba (also known by his SCB alias[1]), is a British electronic musician, now based in Berlin.[2] He has released four albums, two EP's and a handful of compilation and mix albums. His style has been described as dubstep with a later 'shift toward a brighter and more eclectic approach to production'.[3] In 2013, he won an award for Best Live Act from DJ Mag.[4]


Paul Rose founded the Hotflush Recordings label, where he released material by Mount Kimbie, Benga and Joy Orbison alongside his own music.[3][5]

In 2007, Scuba decided to move to Berlin.[6] He cited the reasons for it as wanting to leave London while he 'just started to make a living from making music and the position I was in musically was one that I wasn't particularly enjoying'.[7] He had performed a number of shows in Berlin before and maintained that he 'wanted to get away from London and nowhere in the UK would have fitted'. Berlin became his choice of residence partly as his friend Jaime Teasdale from Vex’d had moved there.[7]

Paul Rose forged close links with the Berghain nightclub, where he began the Sub:Stance night in 2008 together with promoter Paul Fowler.[7] He released an accompanying compilation album in 2010.[3] Scuba has also curated an album in the DJ-Kicks series.[8]



  • A Mutual Antipathy (Hotflush, 2008)
  • Triangulation (Hotflush, 2010)
  • Personality (Hotflush, 2012)
  • Claustrophobia (Hotflush, 2015)
  • Substance in Retrograde (2018)


  • Adrenalin EP (Hotflush, 2011)[9]
  • Phenix1 EP (Hotflush, 2014)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Update (Hotflush, 2013)[10]

DJ mix albums[edit]


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