Scully Grove Quarry

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Scully Grove Quarry
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Scully Grove Quarry is located in Gloucestershire
Scully Grove Quarry
Location within Gloucestershire
Area of Search Gloucestershire
Grid reference SO657186
Coordinates 51°51′55″N 2°29′56″W / 51.86537°N 2.498805°W / 51.86537; -2.498805Coordinates: 51°51′55″N 2°29′56″W / 51.86537°N 2.498805°W / 51.86537; -2.498805
Interest Geological
Area 0.4 hectare
Notification 1974
Natural England website

Scully Grove Quarry (grid reference SO657186) is a 0.4-hectare (0.99-acre) geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1974.[1][2]

The site is listed in the 'Forest of Dean Local Plan Review' as a Key Wildlife Site (KWS).[3]

Location and geology[edit]

The quarry is in the north of the Forest of Dean near Mitcheldean, and is important for its unique features. The basal rock exposed is Crease Limestone which has been replaced as dolomite. It represents a shallow water high energy deposit on a carbonate tamp. There is Whitehead Limestone (Chadian/Arundian) of up to 25 m depth above the Crease Limestone. This shows a peritidal phase of deposition, and includes algal laminates, oncoid beds, thin soils and other features of a significant quality for research purposes. Above this is a small amount of fluvial deposits of the Drybrook Sandstone.[1]


Natural England reported in March 2009 that scrub control was necessary to protect this site of geological interest.[4]


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