Sculptor Wall

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The local universe, including the Sculptor Wall
The local universe, including the Sculptor Superclusters
2MASS distance map of the local universe, including the primary Sculptor Supercluster

The Sculptor Wall is a superstructure of galaxies ("wall of galaxies") relatively near to the Milky Way Galaxy (redshift of approximately z=0.03), also known as the Sculptor superclusters.[1][2]

The superstructure is also called "Southern Great Wall", "Great Southern Wall", "Southern Wall", in reference to the Northern Great Wall, or just "Great Wall" — the CfA2 Great Wall. The structure is 8000 km/s long, 5000 km/s wide, 1000 km/s deep, in redshift space dimensions.[3][4] Because these structures are so large, it is convenient to estimate their size by measuring their redshift; using a value of 67.8 for Hubble's Constant, the size of the structure is approximately 100 Mpc long by 70 Mpc wide by 10 Mpc deep.


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