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Scupltris logo.png
Sculptris alpha 5.jpg
Fullscreen screenshot of Sculptris Alpha 5 with customised user background and material
Developer(s) Pixologic
Initial release December 2009; 7 years ago (2009-12)
Stable release
Alpha 6
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Type 3D computer graphics
License proprietary

Sculptris is a virtual sculpting software program, with a primary focus on the concept of modeling clay. It entered active development in early December 2009,[1] and the most recent release was in 2011.[2]

Users can pull, push, pinch, and twist virtual clay. It is geared toward character sculpting and "organic" models.

3D meshes (.obj) can be imported into the program for further detailing, generating normal and displacement maps.

In late July 2010, Sculptris inventor Tomas Pettersson joined the Pixologic team (makers of ZBrush), who have taken over Sculptris development.[3] He left Pixologic 'a while' before March 2014.[4]


  • Sculpting
  • Dynamic tessellation
  • UV texture painting
  • Cavity painting

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