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Scum or S.C.U.M. may refer to:


  • Soap scum, an informal term for the white solid that results from the addition of soap to hard water
  • Impurity that accumulates at the surface of a liquid (especially water or molten metal)
  • Dross, solid impurities floating on a molten metal
  • Algae or similar vegetation found floating on the surfaces of ponds
  • Scum, the topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank

Games and sport

Books, film and TV

  • Scum, novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer translated from the Yiddish by Rosaline Dukalsky Schwartz
  • Scum is a script by Roy Minton
    • Scum (television play), a once banned television version (1977) directed by Alan Clark with Ray Winstone in a lead role
    • Scum (film), a British feature film version (1979) of the above directed by Clark and with Winstone






  • SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion), scripting language for development of the graphical adventure game Maniac Mansion
  • SCUM Manifesto, a 1967 radical feminist manifesto wherein SCUM means "Society for Cutting Up Men"

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