Scusa ma ti chiamo amore

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Scusa ma ti chiamo amore
Scusa ma ti chiamo amore.jpg
Raoul Bova in a film scene
Directed byFederico Moccia
Produced byRita Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Written byFederico Moccia
Luca Infascelli
Chiara Barzini
Story byFederico Moccia (novel)
StarringRaoul Bova, Michela Quattrociocche, Veronika Logan, Luca Angeletti
Music byClaudio Guidetti
CinematographyMarcello Montarsi
Edited byPatrizio Marone
Distributed byCecchi Gori Group, Medusa Film
Release date
Running time
108 minutes

Sorry but i call you love[1] (Italian: Scusa ma ti chiamo amore) is a 2008 film directed by Federico Moccia and among others interpreted by Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche. Cinematic adaptation of the Italian novel Scusa ma ti chiamo amore always published by the movie director.

The film was released on the Italian cinema circuit on January 25, 2008.


Niki is almost eighteen years old, attends the last year of high school and spends her free time with her trusted group of friends, the O.N.D.E. (waves) from the initials of their names : Olimpia (Olly), Nicoletta (Niki), Diletta and Erica, including discos, parties and various events. Alex is almost thirty-seven and a career publicist. Alex has recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend Elena and his universe revolves around parents, sisters, grandchildren and old friends. In a busy Roman morning, while Niki was going to school on her motorbike, she collides with Alex that was going to work in his car. The incident marks an important turning point in their lives : in fact, a tender friendship blossoms, that soon turns into love. Alex is initially not well accepted by Niki's family, but later they change their mind, seeing the authenticity of their feelings. Among loves, broken relationships, friendships true or not, the story will be based on Alex and Niki adventures.



A sequel entitled Scusa ma ti voglio sposare was released in 2010, with the cast from the first film reprising their roles.


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