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Seán Clancy (7 July 1901[1] – 17 September 2006[2]) was a veteran of Ireland's War of Independence. Clancy served in the war as a member of Irish Republican Army, and later as a commander of the Fifth Infantry Battalion in the Irish Defence Forces. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel at the time of his death.[3]

Personal life[edit]

He grew up on a farm in the parish of Bridgetown in East Clare. He married Agnes Creagh, from Castlebar, in 1926, and they had five children.[1]


Clancy was a prominent participant in the Dublin Castle ceremony in which Britain handed power to the new Irish government.

Clancy was a Fine Gael supporter throughout his life, he received visits from Liam Cosgrave, John Bruton and Enda kenny.

He died September 17, 2006 aged 105 after a short illness, at St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin. He is buried in Deans Grange Cemetery.[1]


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