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Señorita México
Formation 1952-2000
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Mexico City
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International

Señorita México was the name of a national beauty pageant in Mexico, celebrated since 1952. After 2005, the pageant changed its name to "Miss Mexico". From 1952 to 1994, was the official pageant responsible for sending the country's representatives to the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and other international pageants. After the crowning of Lupita Jones, as the country's first Miss Universe, a dispute between Miss Jones and the pageant organizers over overdued prizes, led to a break of the longtime association between the pageant and the broadcast network Televisa.[1] When the pageant moved to another network TV Azteca, a competing pageant called "Nuestra Belleza México" was created, later directed by Miss Jones with the sponsorship of the Televisa TV Network. in 1994 Señorita México lost the bid to Nuestra Belleza México to be the official pageant for the Miss Universe pageant. Later Nuestra Belleza México also obtained the rights of sending Mexico's representatives to Miss World and Miss International. However, the "Miss Mexico" pageant still sends representatives to other international pageants. The trade name Señorita Mexico was trademarked in the United States, by Venezuelan Entrepreneur Adan S. Perez CEO of The Miss Mexico Organization with headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada who produces The Señorita Mexico U.S. beauty pageant. He developed a franchise system in every state of The Union to bring girls from all over the United States to compete in national beauty event which takes place every year in Las Vegas. Adan Perez has been producing the national competition Señorita Mexico U.S in Las Vegas, since the year of 2003.


Below are the names of the annual titleholders of Señorita México, listed in ascending order, the states they represented during their national crowning or assignment and their final placements in Miss Universe after their participation.

Color Key
     Declared as Winner.
     Ended as Runner-up.
     Ended as Finalist or Semi-finalist.

Year Titleholder State Placement Award
1994 Fabiola Pérez Rovirosa Chihuahua
1993 Angelina González Guerrero Campeche
1992 Mónica Zúñiga Arriaga Hidalgo
1991 María Guadalupe "Lupita" Jones Garay Baja California Miss Universe 1991
1990 Marilé del Rosario Santiago Tlaxcala Top 6
1989 Adriana Abascal López Veracruz 4th Runner-up
1988 Amanda Olivares Phillips Puebla 2nd Runner-up
1987 Cynthia Fallon García Distrito Federal
1986 Alejandrina "Connie" Carranza Ancheta Sonora
1985 Yolanda De la Cruz Cárdenas Sinaloa
1984 Elizabeth Broden Ibáñez Sinaloa
1983 Mónica Rosas Torres Durango
1982 Carmen López Flores Distrito Federal
1981 Judith Grace González Hicks Nuevo León
1980 Ana Patricia Núñez Romero Sonora
1979 María Luisa Díaz Tejeda Nayarit
1978 Alba Margarita Cervera Lavat Yucatán Top 12
1977 Felicia Mercado Aguado Baja California
1976 Carla Jean Evert Reguera Guerrero
1975 Delia Servín Nieto Sinaloa
1974 Lupita Elorriaga Valdéz Sinaloa
1973 Rossana Villares Moreno Yucatán
1972 María del Carmen Orozco Quibrera Chihuahua
1971 Maria Luisa López Corzo Distrito Federal Best National Costume
1970 Libia Zulema López Montemayor Sinaloa
1969 Gloria Hernández Martín Guanajuato
1968 Perla Aguirre Muñoz Distrito Federal
1967 Valentina Vales Duarte Yucatán
1965 Jeanine Acosta Cohen Distrito Federal
1964 Olga Ceniceros loya Distrito Federal
1963 Beatriz Martínez Solórzano Distrito Federal
1960 Lorena Velázquez Dondé Distrito Federal ×
1959 Mirna García Dávila Distrito Federal
1958 Leticia Risser Corredor Tamaulipas
1957 Irma Arévalo Distrito Federal
1956 Erna Martha Baumann Distrito Federal Top 15
1955 Yolanda Mayen
1954 Elvira Castillo Olivera Distrito Federal
1953 Ana Bertha Lepe Jiménez Jalisco 3rd Runner-up
1952 Olga Llorens Pérez Chihuahua Top 10

No pageant held
Competed in Miss World
× Did not compete

State Tally[edit]

Anyone who follows the Olympic Games or other sporting events will be familiar with the concept of the Medal Table, which ranks countries based on their first (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) place finishes. Below is a similar table of the top rankings for the Señorita Mexico pageant, but of the 32 Mexican states, based on all results from the first event in 1952 to the most recent competition.

Rank State Señorita México Year
1 Mexico City 10 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1982, 1987
2 Sinaloa 5 1970, 1974, 1975, 1984, 1985
3 Chihuahua 3 1952, 1972, 1993
Yucatán 1967, 1973, 1978
4 Baja California 2 1977, 1990
Sonora 1980, 1986
5 Campeche 1 1992
Hidalgo 1991
Tlaxcala 1989
Veracruz 1988
Puebla 1987
Durango 1983
Nuevo León 1981
Nayarit 1979
Guerrero 1976
Guanajuato 1969
Tamaulipas 1958
Jalisco 1953

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