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Sečovlje Saltpans Natural Park

Coordinates: 45°29′30.83″N 13°36′30.77″E / 45.4918972°N 13.6085472°E / 45.4918972; 13.6085472
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Old part of the Sečovlje Saltpans

Sečovlje Saltpans Natural Park (Slovene: Krajinski park Sečoveljske soline, Italian: Parco ambientale delle saline di Sicciole) is a natural park in southwestern Slovenia covering the Sečovlje Saltpans near the village of Sečovlje. The salt evaporation pond covers an area of 16.1 hectares (40 acres),[1] while saltworks lie along the mouth of the Dragonja River, covering an area of 650 hectares (1,600 acres).

Visitors provide an important source of income for the park. Due to its specific geographic constraints and other factors, (and especially in order to encourage visitors to leave their vehicles outside the park boundaries)[citation needed] it is hoped that electric 'game watching vehicles' (electric public transport) for visitors can be introduced.[2]


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45°29′30.83″N 13°36′30.77″E / 45.4918972°N 13.6085472°E / 45.4918972; 13.6085472