Kong River

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Kong River is also the Thai name for the Mekong River
Cong River (sông Công) is a river in North East Vietnam
Kong River
A small Laotian boy paddles a boat on the Sekong River

The Kong River, also known as the Xe Kong or the Se Kong (Lao: ເຊກອງ Se Kong, (Khmer:សេកុង(official) or ស្រែគង្គ(Khmerization)), Vietnamese: sông Sê Kông) is a river in Southeast Asia. The river originates in Thừa Thiên–Huế Province in Central Vietnam and flows 480 kilometres (300 mi) through southern Laos and eastern Cambodia. It joins the Mekong River near Stung Treng town of Cambodia. Part of its course forms the international boundary between Laos and Cambodia.