Sea Eye Lake

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Lake Mushyl, Morskoy Glaz
Sea Eye from the top of nearby hill
Location Mari El
Coordinates 56°09′44″N 48°45′37″E / 56.16219°N 48.76024°E / 56.16219; 48.76024Coordinates: 56°09′44″N 48°45′37″E / 56.16219°N 48.76024°E / 56.16219; 48.76024
Type Karst
Basin countries Russia
Average depth 37 m (121 ft)
Max. depth 38.5 m (126 ft)[1]/42.4 m (139 ft)[2]
Islands no
Settlements Shariboksad

The Mushyl lake (Mari: Мӱшыл йер, Müšyl Jer), nicknamed the Sea Eye (Russian: Морской Глаз, Morskoy Glaz) is a minor karst lake in Shariboksad, Volzhsky District, Mari El, Russia. Located at the foot of the hill its bright green water is extremely deep (38.5 m) compared to the surface area (45x50 m).


Müšyl ([myʃəl], Mari: Мӱшыл) means crater in the Mari language.[3] In early documents it was known only by its Mari name, written in the Russian text with Mari diacritics.[4] Later, Russian-speaking tourists were inspired by the sea-like colour of the water to give it the more poetic Russian name.

Popular culture[edit]

According to Mari legend, a wedding procession fell into the Sea Eye and died when it suddenly appeared in an eruption.[5]

The lake has become popular with tourists.