Sea Gypsies

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Sea Gypsies, Sea Gypsy, Sea Nomads and Sea Nomad may refer to:

In ethnography[edit]

Several ethnic groups of southeast Asia:

  • Sama-Bajau peoples, a collective name for several ethnic groups in the Philippines, Sabah, eastern Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and parts of Sarawak, sometimes including the people who speak Makassar, and Bugis
  • Moken people, also known as the Selung, Salone or Chalome and Chao Ley or Chao nam, an Austronesian ethnic group who maintain a nomadic, sea-based culture
  • Orang laut, a group of Malay people living in the Riau Islands of Indonesia
  • Tanka people, a Han ethnic sub-group that lives on boats in Southern China
  • Urak Lawoi, coastal dwellers of Thailand

In arts, media and entertainment[edit]

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