Sea Towers

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Sea Towers
Sea Towers, Gdynia
General information
Status Complete
Type mixed-use
Location Gdynia, Poland
Coordinates 54°31′18″N 18°32′56″E / 54.52167°N 18.54889°E / 54.52167; 18.54889Coordinates: 54°31′18″N 18°32′56″E / 54.52167°N 18.54889°E / 54.52167; 18.54889
Construction started 10 May 2006
Estimated completion February 2009
Opening 28 February 2009
Roof 143.6 m (471 ft)
Design and construction
Developer Invest Komfort SA

The Sea Towers is a mixed-use skyscraper complex in Gdynia, Poland. Construction commenced on 10 May 2006 and was completed on 28 February 2009. At 143.6 meters, Sea Towers is the 12th tallest building in Poland and the second tallest residential building in the country.

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