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Sea Trek
UsesUnderwater helmet diving walking tour.
ManufacturerSub Sea Systems, Inc.
Related itemsSnuba

In 1999 Sub Sea Systems, Inc., introduced Sea Trek, a recreational underwater free-flow open-bottomed helmet diving system marketed as suitable for people with no previous diving experience.[1]

Current Sea Trek operations vary in depth from 3 to 10 meters.[1] The maximum depth is not a function of the system's ability to provide air supply (operating pressure of 80 p.s.i.), rather a function of what the manufacturers consider a safe operating depth for non-swimmers in case of emergency.[citation needed]

Air can be provided from one of three options:[2][3]

  1. Surface supply from an electrically driven compressor system with backup supply from high pressure cylinders via a floating manifold, through 60 ft buoyant hoses.
  2. Self contained high pressure cylinder carried by the diver on a stainless steel backplate (scuba system),
  3. The "POD" system uses two air cylinders supported by a float at the surface connected to up to two helmets by 20 ft buoyant air lines.

The surface supplied compressor air delivery is controlled by a microprocessor digital control system (A/C & D/C), providing the following primary functions:[2]

  • Independent monitoring of input and output power to each compressor motor
  • Automatic compressor selection and control
  • Emergency tank activation
  • Primary air tank pressure monitoring
  • Downstream system pressure monitoring
  • Low-pressure and power failure alarm (visual and audible).

Sea Trek Underwater Wheelchair[edit]

A modified wheelchair was introduced by an operator in 2015 to take guests with limited or no use of their legs on an underwater tour. Sub Sea Systems developed a custom underwater wheelchair specifically designed to be used with the Sea Trek system. This program is called Adapted Sea Trek and will be available at multiple locations worldwide.[4]


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