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The Rotork Sea Truck is a flat-hulled, high-speed watercraft, similar to a small landing craft. Made from fibreglass, they may be used to land vehicles without jetties or harbour facilities. They were designed by the design team at Smallfry[1] led by designer Tim Fry and Anthony Smallhorn with input from James Dyson whilst he was a student in the 1970s, as part of his final year's project at the Royal College of Art. Jeremy Fry was co-designer.

The craft was manufactured by Rotork Marine in Bath, England.[2]

The Sea Truck won a Design Council award,[3] and in 1979 the Series 5 Sea Truck, credited to the Rotork Marine Design team with Tim Fry and Anthony Smallhorn of Smallfry Ltd. as consulting designer won the Prince Philip Designers Prize.[4] There were 5 versions of the Sea Truck. Jeremy Fry invented the original Sea Truck and the Mark2 version. Dyson as a student was involved in the Mark 3 . The Mark 5 designed under John Fry by Mike Ross and styled by Tim Fry and Anthony Smallhorn won the design award.


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