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The Rotork Sea Truck is a flat-hulled, high-speed watercraft, similar to a small landing craft. Made from fibreglass, they may be used to land vehicles without jetties or harbour facilities. They were designed by The Design team at Smallfry led by the renowned designer Tim Fry with input from by James Dyson whilst he was a student in the 1970s, as part of his final year's project at the Royal College of Art. Jeremy Fry was co-designer.

The craft was manufactured by Rotork Marine in Bath, England.[1]

The Sea Truck won a Design Council award,[2] and in 1979 the Series 5 Sea Truck, credited to the Rotork Marine Design team with Tim Fry of Smallfry Ltd. as consulting designer</Design Council Award certificate 1979 qv.> won the Prince Philip Designers Prize.[3]


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